Kid's Shoes Size Chart

What could be more important than getting the right size shoes for your child? Our Kids’ Shoe Size Chart makes it easy to see the size equivalents around the world.

Kid's Shoes Size Chart

Kid’s Shoes Size Chart


Your child never stops and if there is one thing that must withstand their energy on the tennis court, it’s their shoes! But what is the best shoe for them to play tennis in? Which one will be comfortable, and offer support and resistance on the court? Here is Decathlon’s advice on choosing the perfect tennis shoe for your child.

Here are a few tips on how to choose shoes that are up to the task:

1. Durability first

Kids’ shoes are put through their paces like no others when it comes to scraping, sliding, skidding and scuffing. Kids are overflowing with energy and their shoes must enable them to do all their daily activities for as long as possible in total safety. The ideal children’s shoes are made up of three different parts that guarantee their durability:

– abrasion-resistant rubber outsoles that overlap the front of the foot.
– a second seamless bonded rubber reinforcement in the forefoot (the most vulnerable area).
– attractive uppers that provide good foot support .

2. Kids must be able to put on their own shoes and fasten them

The easier and faster it is for kids to learn how to put on and fasten their own shoes, the better. Putting shoes on must be fun, not a chore. If your child cannot tie their own laces, go for velcro straps or a combination of straps and elastic laces, the easiest and fastest option whilst guaranteeing a good level of support.

3. Comfort in every ordeal

Jumping, running, skidding… all week long, your kids’ feet run the gauntlet. That’s why they need to feel comfortable in their shoes, all day long, whatever the activity they are doing. Cushioning is the main criterion when it comes to comfort. Shoes must be able to reduce repeated shockwaves (mainly in the heel) helping avoid injury as children grow.

4. Good foot support

Your children are constantly growing and so their joints are constantly moving. They need good foot support when doing sport, and even more so when playing tennis. In this case, opt for shoes equipped with a heel counter and reinforced upper.

Did you know?The feet of children and adults are not the same. Obviously they are similar, but they do not work the same way and they have very different needs. In adults, the foot is used to more pressure from shoes and needs protection against violent injuries (sprains or torn ligaments). Children, on the other hand, need protection against chronic injuries (stretched ligaments, inflammations). With Artengo, we have developed a shoe specifically for children and a shoe specifically for adults.

Also, make sure you’ve read our shoe fitting tips here – you won’t know what size to buy if you don’t know how to fit them properly!


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