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When you’re trying on some new shoes, REMEMBER these 6 shoe fitting tips:

1.The size of your feet continually change- yes, you stop growing at around 25, but as you age your skeleton relaxes, which could cause your feet to grow AT ANY AGE! Ideally you should measure your feet before every purchase, or at least once a year.

2. It’s pretty normal to have one foot slightly larger than the other, so make sure you get a size closest to the larger foot (it’s better to be a bit bigger than a bit smaller!).

3. What you’re really looking for is a nice tight fit around the heel of your shoe. We don’t want your shoes sliding up and down your ankles as this can cause serious problems in the long run. Try to get something snug.

4. Ideally there should be about half an inch, or 1-1.5cm, between your big toe and the inside of the shoe. This isn’t a hard rule but is generally accept as a competent way of telling whether your shoes are the right size.  Another great way of telling whether the fit is to slip your index and middle finger down the back of your shoe (make a gun hand!). Do they fit comfortably or do you really have to ram them in there? If you do, maybe you should look at going up half a size.

5. The last one when you’re getting your shoe fitting done, and probably the most important, is that if they don’t initially feel comfortable, they probably won’t ever be. ‘Wearing shoes in’ is definitely not the best way to go about buying a new pair of shoes – if they’re not comfy, move on and find a new pair!

6. Wear the correct socks – if you’re going to be wearing trainer socks with the shoes, wear trainer socks. If you’re probably going to wear athletic socks, wear athletic socks… you get the idea.

The Shoes Guide have got an innovative way to ensure you buy the correct size shoes – even when shopping online! Shoes Guide know that their customers want the perfect fitting shoes, so their downloadable guide will prevent the need to send back ill fitting shoes – that’s right, the perfect fit every time!

We all know that shoe sizes can vary, I can go from an 9 to an 11 between different brands. But thanks to Hotter Shoes fitting guide, you can measure up and see exactly what size you will be in their shoes. I just tried it and I’m a 10!

Download the Fitting Shoe Size Guides

How to use the shoe size guides

  1. Simply print off the relevant shoes size guide above and place against a straight surface to help you to position your foot.
  2. Place your foot on the size guide and make a note of the nearest size.
  3. Hotter women’s shoes come in two width sizes, so place a soft tape measure around the widest part of your foot then check the table below to find out what type of width fitting you require.
  4. Now simply choose your favourite footwear and tally up your perfect size with the wide range of shoes, sandals and boots available from Hotter Shoes.

Choosing Shoes for your foots width

Getting the Perfect Fit for Your Shoes

So before you order your shoes from somewhere else, why not check out the great range of styles and designs at our TOP Shoes. By using their great fitting guide, you can ensure your shoes fit right, every time.


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