What shoes to wear with flared jeans in 5 amazing tips?

You might love your dress for a party, but you will want to go to a shop and purchase flared jeans during this period of time. And we have to say that you will never regret with this purchase, especially once you successfully find what shoes to wear with flared jeans.

In this year, the world has witnessed the return of numerous models and styles and flared jeans, of course, come to no exception. In the past, the main function of flared jeans was to create comfort and convenience for the users, so they were normally worn with flats, sandals or very low platforms.

Nevertheless, during these recent years, we do not look for comfort only. In contrast, a wide range of women takes them as a new style at home, on the streets, for a date, or parties, etc. It also means that we look at various new ways to combine flared jeans with different types of shoes. Check out the list on what shoes to wear with flared jeans; you will get the way it is supposed to do.

Sandals- a perfect choice for flared jeans

In the past, sandals became very popular among a variety of women all over the world for their comfort and convenience. During this recent period of time, they are always an excellent option once you think in mind a casual outfit on flared jeans.

For a walk on the street, or even for outdoor parties with your friends, why not try a pair of sandals for a relaxing and comfortable feel? Most types of sandals can work well with flared jeans, but for my individual experience,  a gladiator sandal or a pair of sandals with the strappy flat feature are more preferable.

Sneakers with flared jeans

If you are seeking an exceptional option for a casual look like sandals but more sporty style, trust me, you will never come wrong with sneakers.

The most amazing thing we love about sneakers is that they are not only very supportive for your feet but also make you look more active and dynamic. For students at school and university, or for any ladies who love the sporty street style, there is nothing more suitable than a pair of sneakers.

More importantly, you can also try this combination in any weather conditions no matter how hard it is. Instead of regular sandals, why not try a pair of sandals with thicker outsoles for a more attractive look?

Platforms for a 70s look

In the 70s, most women loved to wear their flared jeans with platforms, but they normally chose very low platforms for a more comfortable and convenience feel.

Amazingly, if you are impressed by the 70s style, platforms go for a nice option. However, instead of picking up a pair of platforms with super low heels, it is better if you try 5-inch heels or even more for a modern look. These shoes will look nice under your flares, and they are also comfortable and stylish, too.

Ankles boots

Certainly, it must be ankle boots, not knees boots or over-knee ones. Considered as one of the nicest selections to combine with flared pants, you cannot be happier with this option. Ankle boots are always right for leather, velvet or suede materials but leather or suede options are more interesting when attracting any looks and glances.

High heels

The last suggestion comes from high heels. We cannot deny the popularity as well as beauty a pair of high heels can bring about. They look amazing with most types of clothes, with a dress, skirts to skinny jeans or flared pants.

Despite being one of the most versatile footwear, not all of high heels can work well with flared jeans. Among them, block heels or pumps are highly appreciated while you should avoid combining pointed pumps or slim stiletto heels with these jeans.


Back to 70s trends, flared jeans have successfully raised its popularity among several women all over the world in recent years. However, it only becomes perfect if you are capable of picking up the right shoes for your new appearance.

With the article on what shoes to wear with flared jeans, we hope that you will find it useful whenever you go out. Are you ready for an impressive mix and match?




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